This is an ongoing project by DUF.SPACE.

This site documents an ongoing collaborative, trans-disciplinary research project that is concerned with designing devices and inventive methods to learn about peoples lived experiences of migration in the wake of disasters. We work under the collective name of DUF (design unlikely futures) across the disciplines of design, ethnography and experimental film-making.

In 2016 a bespoke tandem built for mapping and documenting the Calais Jungle provided us with a unique opportunity to engage and work with some of the Jungle’s residents creating rich two-way conversations through the use of film and other media. The bicycle itself has several aims: to generate new opportunities to understand lived experiences of the camp, to ‘map’ the space (in various ways), to be a fun activity to break the monotony of living in a camp and to create a place for resident’s voices while altering the dynamics of researcher and researched by inviting residents to ‘pilot’ the bicycle.

This project builds on the previous work in Calais. In this iteration of the project we will take the same tandem bicycle to Lesvos in Greece.

Supported by: Goldsmiths Design Department | AHRC | Design Star